Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mumbai Here I Come! Honored to Serve on World Brand Congress 2013 Sustainable Brand Advisory Board

Heading to Mumbai? Excited to Serve on World Brand Congress 2013 Advisory Board

I am extremely honored to have been asked to serve in the 2013 World Brand Congress sustainable brand Advisory board!  The event will be one of the largest gatherings of the brainiest business leaders in the world and they want me to join them.  Pretty darn cool.  The event will take place in October in Mumbai, India and although I am not sure I am up for the 30 hour plane ride, although I am still considering it, I will serve as a nominating council member for the 2013 Global Brand Excellence Awards. 

To find out some of the movers and shakers I will be serving with, head to Factory Direct Promos for the entire story.  You did know I am their CMO right?  

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